BRAND NEW Subaru Baja / Forester / Impreza GT / WRX, Saab 9-2x TDO4HL-19X UPGRADE Turbocharger #39619N


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Warranty12 mo. / 12k mi.

Core ChargeN/A

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Brand new!

Subaru Baja / Forester / Impreza GT / WRX, Saab  9-2x TDO4HL-19X UPGRADE Turbocharger & Oil Supply Line Set Package 



Choose whether your car is equipped with AVCS as it affects which oil lines will come included:

+50hp bolt on upgrade! Larger wheels enable 20% more flow and better top-end power, direct bolt up, no other modifications required.

Billet TCX 19X compressor creates upto 500cfm/330hp at factory pressure 12 psi.

Each component is checked for exact specification, proper material, and heat treatment.

Upgraded internals are integrated to improve oil flow and thrust handling.

Other guys say “Each component meets or exceeds OEM specification” but ours really do!

Replacement of oil supply line system is required on all Subaru turbochargers! The leading cause of Subaru turbocharger failure is oil starvation caused by clogged oil feed system. Our oil feed line sets are upgraded from factory spec to allow more oil flow to prevent clogging in the future. Required to validate warranty and will extend the life of the turbocharger!
2002-2005 2.0L: Upgrade Subaru non-AVCS oil supply line set +$50*
2006-2007 2.5L: Upgrade Subaru AVCS oil supply line set +$95*
Call our toll-free line to order if: 1) You require express air delivery. 2) You are not 100% sure this is the correct unit for your vehicle. 3) You are outside the lower 48 states, USA. 4) You are not sure why your turbo failed and our technical support will help you diagnose the cause of failure to ensure the successful installation of your replacement unit.

2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 49377-04100 49377-04200 49377-04300 49377-04500 49377-04502 4937704100 4937704200 4937704300 4937704500 4937704502 14411AA532 14412AA360 14412AA451 14412AA230

Makes: Baja, Forester, Impreza, Subaru, and WRX.

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