Subaru Upgrade Oil Line Guide

Subaru Turbocharger Upgrade Oil Line Guide

Turbocharged Subaru vehicles have known issues with their turbo oil supply system, an issue that has been the subject of more than one of their technical service bulletins. Brittle hard lines, restrictive flow passages, and cloggable filters are the main culprits, and any one of these problems can starve your turbo of its precious life-giving oil and cause catastrophic turbo failure. This is why Turbo Concepts requires all new or used Subaru turbos it sells to include an upgrade line kit; both to replace the likely cause of your turbos failure, and eliminate the risk of it in the future.

From the years 2002-2015 Subaru has used four different oiling configurations for their turbocharged models. Turbo Concepts developed oil supply line sets to address each generation, with two different models per generation [One for Mitsubishi (MHI) and one for IHI VF / ball-bearing turbochargers as they require different oiling characteristics]. To make sure you get the correct the right line set for your car we have created the table below, if your vehicle is switch-over year make sure to refer to the pictures.

Mitsubishi (MHI)
2015 – forward 99613 99913
2007.5 – 2014 99713 99813
2004.5 – 2007.5 96748 94083
2002 – 2004.5 (pre-AVCS) 99613