TC18L Performance Manifold Installation Notes

TC18L Performance Manifold Installation Notes

First congratulations for choosing the finest exhaust manifold ever designed and manufactured for the Audi/VW B5/B6 longitudinal 1.8T platform. This part was designed from scratch by a world class exhaust system designer to provide maximum performance within bolt-on space limitations, and manufactured with high heat resistant ductile steel alloy for maximum longevity under the harshest conditions for this platform.

Installation of this part is straight forward, here are just a couple tips to help you avoid some snags.

First, note your hardware. This set comes with all hardware you’ll need. OEM gaskets, premium copper nuts, and high grade 10.9 exhaust bolts, and single NORD-LOCK washer.

Manifold set_web

Second, make sure to either clean, re-thread, or replace if necessary the exhaust studs on the head.

Third, slip the turbine housing fastening bolts into the manifold prior to bolting the manifold to the head, this is because engine bay obstructions may make it difficult to slide in the long bolts after the manifold is bolted up. NOTE THE LOCATION OF THE INNER HEX BOLT (red arrow), USE THE 1pc NORD-LOCK WASHER PROVIDED UNDER THE HEAD OF THE INNER HEX BOLT.

TC manifold turbo flange bolts

Fourth, place gasket over the studs, then manifold over the gasket. SNUGLY tighten all fasteners before torquing them down. NOTE all the flange nuts are 12mm except 2. The 2pc 10mm flange nuts affix to the 2 side-by-side studs between the inner two runners.

TC manifold fasteners









Fifth, “iron” the gasket by torquing them down, starting from the inner nuts moving outward in turn toward the ends, to maximum 18 ft-lbs if you are re-using the studs. (Factory spec is 21 but older studs might snap so lower torque is recommended if you don’t replace them)

See pictures below for our suggestion on how to tighten the nuts.

TC manifold torquing

TC manifold torquing 2

TC manifold torquing 3
























Lastly torque turbo to manifold bolts 40 ft-lbs.

If you have issues during installation call our technical support line 734.954.9941