Full Line of USA-Built Audi 2.7T Upgrades!

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After 2 years of R&D our complete line of 2.7T twin turbo upgrades for the A6, Allroad, and B5 S4 are available.

Each of the FIVE models (stage 2 has two variants) have been meticulously developed and improved through trial and error with our numerous tuning partners to offer the Audi community four different turbo upgrade options for customers with different goals and objectives. Every model uses Turbo Concepts custom-designed DZX center rotating assemblies featuring:

  • 11-blade advanced aero compressor, for smoother power curve, lower inlet temperatures, and wide efficiency range
  • 9-blade turbine with features that make it lighter for quicker spool and lowers back pressure to allow more power into higher RPMs
  • Low drag stainless bullet shaft nut
  • Upgraded internal components to handle more thrust and enable more oil flow

Read all the pages to find what’s right for you, and if you still have questions our experienced turbo experts are on call from 9-5 EST by telephone or email. Nervous you won’t pick the right one or you might want more power down the road? Got you covered, we offer core rebuild-and-upgrade service to turn your stage 1 into a stage 2 or stage 3, pricing will vary but will be right around half the cost of a new set.


DZX-271 Audi S4 / A6 / Allroad 2.7T Twin Turbo Stage 1 450whp Upgrade Turbocharger Set







DZX-272 B5 Audi S4 / A6 / Allroad 2.7T Twin Turbo Stage 2 500whp Upgrade Turbocharger Set






DZX-273_a_DZX-272_B5_Audi_S4 /_A6 /_Allroad_2.7T_Twin_Turbo_Stage_3_600whp_Upgrade_Turbocharger_Set_30600N_53049700025_5304_970_0025_53049700026_5304_970_0026_k04-025_k04-026

DZX-273 B5 Audi S4 / A6 / Allroad 2.7T Twin Turbo Stage 3 600whp Upgrade Turbocharger Set






DZX-274 B5 Audi S4 / A6 / Allroad 2.7T Twin Turbo Stage_4 700whp Upgrade Turbocharger Set 30700N 53049700025 5304 970 0025 53049700026 5304 970 0026 k04-025 k04-026 rs4 rs6 k24

 DZX-274 B5 Audi S4 / A6 / Allroad 2.7T Twin Turbo Stage 4 700whp Upgrade Turbocharger Set






Audi B5 S4 / Allroad / A6 2.7T S4/RS4/RS6 Turbocharger Install Hardware Kits




Audi S4 / A6 / Allroad 2.7T Billet Aluminum Intake Manifold Kit






Audi 2.7T B5 S4 / RS4  billet actuators






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