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Subaru AVCS Oil Supply Set Install Guide

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This purchase not only validates your turbocharger’s warranty but also saves you the headache of having to replace your turbocharger again. Subarus are excellent vehicles but their oil supply system leaves one scratching one’s head. Why design such a restrictive, fragile component onto an otherwise rock solid vehicle? Even dealerships agree that the factory oiling system is inadequate, and in fact it was at the urging of a dealership that Turbo Concepts engineered this kit.


1. If you are replacing the turbocharger and the oil supply system, then  install the oil line system BEFORE you install the turbocharger on the vehicle.

2. Make sure you use the correct AVCS Oil Supply Set for your vehicle. Mitsubishi turbochargers require more oil flow than IHI  or ball bearing models so Turbo Concepts offers two different line sets. Make sure you have the right one for your turbo.

3. Note that use of this line set requires the removal of the OE hard line.


  1. Remove the OE hard line. See that it travels under the intake manifold. After disconnecting the factory oil lines and mounting bolts you have the option of either: A) removing the intake manifold, or B) Bend or cut the OE line and pull out. The Turbo Concepts AVCS Upgrade Oil Supply Line Set travels on outside of the motor, towards the passenger side fender, so removing the intake manifold is not necessary for installation.
  2. Install the 12mm blue A/N adapter in the oil port in the front of motor, use supplied copper washer.
  3. Attach the 90-degree fitting on the end of the longer line to blue A/N adapter.
  4. Install the 12mm banjo bolt & fitting into the rear oil port on the back of the rear cylinder head where the OEM Banjo bolt was removed, use supplied copper washers.
  5. Attach blue 3-way “T” adapter to the 12mm banjo fitting.
  6. Connect both steel-braided lines to 3-way T fitting.
    1. Prime turbocharger oil inlet port with the recommended motor oil.
    2. Attach 10mm banjo bolt & fitting to oil inlet port on turbocharger, use supplied copper washers.
    3. Mount the turbocharger onto the vehicle
    4. Connect 10mm banjo fitting on turbocharger to shorter steel braided oil line
    5. Make sure all connections are tight
    6. Follow priming instructions before starting the engine.

    This set is required for warranty validation on all Turbo Concepts turbochargers that fit Subaru cars with AVCS including: Baja, Forester, Impreza GT, Legacy GT, Outback XT, WRX, and WRX STi.