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DZX-272H B5 Audi S4 / A6 / Allroad 2.7T Twin Turbo Stage 2 500whp Upgrade Turbocharger Set


American-Built Brand New!

DZX-272H B5 Audi S4 / A6 / Allroad 2.7T Twin Turbo Stage 2 500whp Upgrade Turbocharger Set

Two variants of the Stage 2 to further meet your special power goals!


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Hand-built by a master turbo tech in the USA, hand-picked components from the best available vendors,  custom DZ-series 9-blade turbine made from OE-spec 713C inconel turbines by an OEM manufacturer, .8bar upgrade actuators, hi-temp silicon molybdenum ductile steel turbine housings, and custom 11-blade TCX billet compressors push 32lbs./min. each outflowing conventional RS6 by 15%. 425whp capable on pump gas, 500whp capable on e85.

We offer two variants of this stage, one offering more low- to mid-range response, the “T” model in the drop-down menu, is ideal for automatics or low-RPM driving, reaches full boost around 2800 rpm.

The other offers more horsepower in the higher RPMs with larger turbine, the “H” model in the drop down menu, ideal for higher-RPM driving and track environment, reaches full boost at around 3100 rpm and pulls hard upto redline.

We’ve tried them both and like them both for different reasons so we’ll let you decide.

Bolt-on installation, required upgrades: Tuning software, 550cc min fuel injectors, larger MAF housing, upgrade downpipes.

   • 100% built and balanced in our Michigan facility.
   • Free telephone support from our experienced installers and turbo experts.
   • Each component is checked for exact specification, proper material, and heat treatment.
   • Upgraded internals are integrated to improve oil flow and thrust handling.
   • Other guys say “Each component meets or exceeds OEM specification” but ours really do!
Call our toll-free line to order if: 1) You require express air delivery. 2) You are not 100% sure this is the correct unit for your vehicle. 3) You are outside the lower 48 states, USA. 4) You are not sure why your turbo failed and our technical support will help you diagnose the cause of failure to ensure the successful installation of your replacement unit.

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2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005


S4, A6, Allroad


Manual, Automatic


Turbos only, Add Hardware kit (+125), Add Billet Actuators (+$250), Add Hardware & Billet Actuators (+375)