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In the event that a customer returns a turbo on warranty please follow these steps:

• First, check their purchase date receipt against the sale in your system to ensure the sales happened within 12 months of the dated invoice within warranty.

• Even though the turbocharger may have not been at fault we will still inspect the turbo to determine such cause.

• Call or Email Turbo Concepts to acquire a Warranty Return Authorization Number (WRAN) prior to returning the warranty unit and clearly mark the outside of the carton with the WRAN number for fast processing.

• Turbo Concepts will not warranty other companies product!

• No warranty on ANY electrical components.

•  Turbo Concepts will not warranty any product that has been disassembled tampered, or modified from original specifications, or incomplete.

• Warranty covers repair or replacement of the failed parts only (at TC discretion). Warranty does not provide refunds or credits.

• Turbo Concepts reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

• Proper Shipping and handling is a must when shipping unit back, any damage units due to insufficient packaging. The customer will be charged for the damages.

• For Shipping and Handling warranty Turbo Concepts is not responsible for such cost. It is the customer responsibility to pay for shipping and handling.

See further information: Turbo Concepts General POLICIES & Conditions