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Audi TT / Golf / Jetta / New Beetle Transverse 1.8T K04-001 Bolt-on 300whp Turbo


American Built Brand New! 

Audi TT / Golf / Jetta / New Beetle Transverse 1.8T K04-001 Bolt-on 300whp Upgrade Turbo

Including necessary hardware (gaskets and studs) and free ground shipping anywhere in continental United States!!!


300whp capable bolt-on upgrade for transverse VW/Audi 1.8T*

*note on certain models, AWP cars in particular, an upgrade silicon intake hose is highly recommended for ease of installation.


stock waste gate

48mm compressor inlet (OE inlet available on request)

60mm TCS extended tip/height billet compressor providing solid power band from low to high RPM range

50mm turbine packs a torquey punch and relieves exhaust back pressure  to let turbo produce into high RPMs

Custom high heat ductile steel turbine casting engineered for greater flow with enlarged wastegate flapper to mitigate boost creep

Custom billet actuator with adjustable spring pressure. Standard .6bar but .8 or 1 bar available on request.

Full boost potential at 2850 RPMs! Subaru drivability and power on-demand.

Included hardware: turbine inlet and outlet gaskets, oil drain gasket, studs (4), crush washers (3)

Center section (CHRA) is adaptable to VW/Audi 1.8T longitudinal motors on request


Output on pump gas

3,000 RPM – 143.3 g/s = 131.6 WHP
4,000 RPM – 186.7 g/s = 182.9 WHP
5,000 RPM – 238.3 g/s = 233.5 WHP
6,000 RPM – 268.7 g/s = 262.3 WHP

100% built and balanced in our Michigan facility.

Upgraded internals are integrated to improve oil flow and thrust handling.

Each component is checked for exact specification, proper material, and heat treatment.

Only premium components engineered to outperform the factory units are used.

Other guys say “Each component meets or exceeds OEM specification” but ours really do!


Call our toll-free line to order if: 1) You require express air delivery. 2) You are not 100% sure this is the correct unit for your vehicle. 3) You are outside the lower 48 states, USA. 4) You are not sure why your turbo failed and our technical support will help you diagnose the cause of failure to ensure the successful installation of your replacement unit.


Audi TT MKI 1.8 2000-2006

VW Golf / GTI IV 1.8T 2000-2005

VW Jetta / GLI IV 1.8T 1999-2005

VW Beetle 1.8T 1999-2005

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